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Our stone benchtop product is guaranteed for 10 years under the Roxx warranty.                  
Where Roxx the product has been used,         
fabricated and installed by a distributor who has obtained express approval to fabricate and install the Roxx material.

Roxx Pty Ltd hereby warrants the Roxx material is free from defects for a 
period of 10 years from the date of purchase.

Roxx Pty Ltd undertakes at its own discretion to repair or re-manufacture or credit the Roxx material which with proper care is deemed to be faulty. 

Roxx Pty Ltd limits its extent of warranty to the end product supplied by Roxx Pty Ltd  and the resonable labour charges to repair or replace the Roxx products only.
Roxx Pty Ltd will not be liable in any way for any consequential loss or for any associated cost with the use of the products.

Roxx Pty Ltd shall not be responsible for any promises, warranties or representations unless the same are given by the company in writing.

This warranty extends to the original purchaser  and is not transferable.
This warranty is subject to exclusions as listed.
This warranty does not cover damage or loss due to:
- Normal wear and tear.
- Improper installation. The material must be installed by an  approved fabricator and installer in accordance with  manufacturers recommendations
- Improper maintenance. The material must be maintained in  accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.
- Misuse, abuse or vandalism.
- Failure of any joining compounds, caulk, adhesives, filled  joins, filled seams, substrate adhesives or joining accessories,  including damage caused to the surrounding surface from any  of the above.
- Excessive heat damage caused by placing hot objects  directly on to the surface of the material or exposure to open  
flame or excessive radiant heat or undue thermal shock.
- Damage caused by excessive impact such as objects dropped,   thrown or bumps or excessive loads placed on the surface or  edges.
- Exposure to strong chemicals such as solvents.
- Damage caused by cutting or chopping on or abrading the  surface.
- Damage including cracking or warping due to either damp,  damaged, inadequate, unsealed, unfastened or unbalanced  substrates.
- Damage or cracking caused by transporting, mishandling  during fabrication and installation, of which such damage  only becoming evident over time.
- Damage due to structural or cabinetry support changes due  to movements in the cabinets or substrates. 
- Used in outdoor applications, including exposure to extreme  temperatures including applications in direct sunlight.
- Any variations in colour, aggregates, polishing or gloss  between slabs.
- Performance of non quartz aggregates such as mirror, glass,  pearl aggregates etc.
- Use of splashbacks not in accordance with local gas and fuel specifications, including splashbacks without clearance   between the counter surface.
- Any imperfections not brought to the supplier prior to   fabrication and installation of the product.
- Any changes to product specification.
- Any damage or injury caused in whole or part by the use of  
 the product or caused by any act of God, engineering design  or structural movement.